I am an Intentional Lifestyles Advocate…

(Originally published for The Liberty Project)

Stand behind any protest you make with some action that helps solve it.

Otherwise you are only giving yourself the power to complain.”

It increasingly seems that civilization is facing too many woes.  We are surrounded by cumbersome and outworn systems that have been broken by greed and a consumer mentality.  But blame at this point is futile.  And unless you take action on behalf of change, protesting to the same mindset that has either created or turned their eyes from woe in the name of material gain only feeds the world’s problems more of your energy.  As Einstein suggested, problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.  Thus it amounts to insanity for us to keep waiting for the profit-driven Hearts to have an epiphany and aim for a trajectory other than their own gain.

So, what action can we take?  What functional solutions are there in the face of such complex, world-wide challenges?  How do we heal the rifts that alienate us from one another, from the natural world and from our greater hopes and dreams?

We begin with the understanding that the answers are subjective.  Meaning, we all want and need different things so the concerns of each person, each household, each community, and each region are going to be different.  This also means that because we want people to be able to know the freedom of expressing themselves authentically, the answers won’t require us to establish a critical mass or convince a large group to change their ways.  But because the answers are subjective, they must start from within our own lives.  And within our own life, they must be born from inside of us, out from our Heart.

This means that you have the power right now, today, to start changing your experience of the world.  Think about the choices you can make to bring your life and your Inner Truth into a greater sense of accord.  Withdraw your support from all those things you would protest and see changed.  Release from your life what isn’t working or doesn’t fulfill you.  Stand-up for the sort of world you envision in your Heart and thoughts.

But don’t stop there.  For what is certain is that the world doesn’t really change one person at a time, unless that person is networking with others.  This is because the Human organism is a living system, which like any living system requires a certain amount of unity and exchange to not only stay organized but to change and evolve.  Thus the Human is truly a social organism with very real social needs.  This tells us that in whatever problem we’re looking to solve, community (or common unity) is part of the solution.

Once we have figured out what it is we need to make our own life authentic we must network.  We must find others who share our common cause and vision of what’s possible and foster critical relationships with them.  We must collaborate and experiment.  We must become pioneers and pathfinders together, forging a way to put our shared ideals and mindset into practice.

Of course we must also consider that the social organism is likewise a living system, requiring a condition of interdependence, accord and interaction with the surrounding substrate.  That is to say, we all live on and from the Earth.  As much as we need to cooperate with one another, we need to cooperate with the world around us just as much.  For we can’t live an authentic life if we fail to consider that which is natural and intrinsic to the composition of the Whole.

There are no blanket answers or tried recipes.  But in every change we are able to make, the possibility of success is greatly pronounced by assuring that you account for three factors – how you will express your Inner Truth, how you will join in that expression with others who desire the same experience or outcome and how you will account for the interwoven world-at-large in any desire you express.

It all boils down to living with conscious, well-focused intentions.  This is why we say that intentional lifestyles are the solution and call ourselves intentional lifestyle advocates.  Living with intention isn’t just a nice idea or a philosophy for the future.  It is a necessity.  Now.  If there is to be any sort of far-reaching solution, it is this.

Sustainability means Forethought

I originally composed this in response to Questions and Reflections in March of 2008.  I think it’s worth sharing here…

For me sustainability means Forethought… Fulfillment of needs (first) and desires (second) with consciousness of that fulfillment’s true impact and cost. In a sustainable system every player and every part must be considered in context of the Whole of which it is part.

It is my belief that the present civilization has everything it needs for ALL to live in sustainable abundance. The appearance of scarcity and lack are not Actuality but a reality based in horrific mismanagement and parasitic mentalities. It is accepted practice for an individual to seek out the greatest material gain regardless of larger imbalances; regardless of the risk, expense, and short fall to any other organism. Yet the economy of any organism/organized system is very much the corner stone to the sort of energetic dignity the organism maintains. (Think – root law of Cause and Effect necessitating Awareness of action and energy exchanged; economy is energy exchange; the quality of the harvest reflects the quality of the cultivation.) An economy of hording and greed propagates a reality of shortage, depletion, and extinction. An economy of Awareness and sustainability, based on Wholes instead of parts, creates sufficiency, refinement, and renewal.

Thus I feel that in our quest for sustainability, personal and collective economy will require refinement and redirection. Sustainability is greatly facilitated by eradicating the consumer mentality which values production and consumption above responsibility and true quality of Life. As our consciousness of Resources increases, so will our sustainable state.

(Note: I define Resources as the goods and services of both Nature and Humanity.)

The Amazing Social Organization of Ants

Evolution will almost inevitably take us in the direction of species that have arrived at superior forms of organization before us.

~R. Meredith Belbin

In reviewing a journal I once kept on the site formally known as Zaadz, I came across my post on this most amazing video.  As the video is still available, I was compelled to share it here.  This is a beautiful, stunning example of collective consciousness!!

Fasting – the Fifth Day

Day 5 of our collective fast for Conscious Union and energies are running high!  We are really enjoying the connective, spiritual and revealing experiences we’d hoped for… Not to mention the detoxing of our bodies and the deep sense of rejuvenation that’s starting to course its way through our bones.

Last night I slept for less than a handful of hours and accomplished many things, even returning to a project that’s sat on my computer in suspended animation for at least three years!  Some of that has to do with Mercury in Retrograde, I’m sure, but none-the-less, I am feeling quite grateful that we decided to fast, the small group of us, together as I would call this five days past – phenomenal!

I am also grateful that Soror Amy has decided to introduce herself and share her experiences with our mutual fasting through the previous two posts!  I have welcomed her to contribute here in accord with her Will.

Meanwhile I want to jump back into Cultivating Heaven with this video I found.  I appreciate it because it is among the rare few I’ve seen that perceives fasting beyond a dogmatic and/or ascetic context, instead sharing the concept of fasting as a cleansing, clarifying, and conscious elevating experience!  Enjoy!

Moving toward Ascension

“Evolution is not a force, but a Process.”

~ John Morley

So recently, I have received several different e-mails that contemplate, in list form, the experiences one starts to enjoy when they are on an evolutionary course.  Inspired by these lists, I’ve decided to compose my own:

  1. You are starting to perceive All Things as aspects of the same ONE Thing.
  2. You are gaining Awareness of you Flesh Body as a Temple for your immortal nature.
  3. You are embracing Wisdoms that are more germane to any Time, Place, Culture, etc.
  4. You are dreaming of a Sustainable Abundance and are seeing all your needs being met.
  5. You are increasingly concerned with forethought and conscious actions.
  6. You are discovering ways to correlate your Passion and your “job”, so as to transform your employment into your true “Work”.
  7. You are losing interest in spiritual exhibitions and proclamations while feeling increasingly attuned and receptive to your Source.
  8. You are seeing ideas, experiences, and things manifest more quickly and/or specifically.
  9. You are evolving away from drama and emotional displays, even if you are simultaneously purging many negative emotions.
  10. You are allowing yourself to enjoy greater states of Happiness and to please yourself.
  11. You are increasingly feeling your whole body vibrate, especially when in a relaxed posture and feeling at ease.
  12. You are experiencing greater states of equilibrium and no longer giving much or any energy to what others think about you and your choices.
  13. You are increasingly understanding that everything just IS; “this” and “that” are simply distinctions of the same ONE Thing, like the facets of a gem.
  14. You are transforming in your desires, moving away from the longing for base expression, stimulation, and/or possession toward desire for experience within the luminous spheres.
  15. You are seeing the illusions inherent to material reality; this brings a certain “detachment” from the trials and tribulations surrounding you.  Not a removal from compassion but an increasing comprehension of Actuality.
  16. You are speaking from an increasingly authentic and truthful place.
  17. You are living from an increasingly authentic and truthful place.
  18. You are increasingly radiant, youthful, energetic, and healthy; you are allowing yourself to be rejuvenated and “New” each day.
  19. You are less concerned with the passage of Time and feel that physical distance can be “overcome” by non-physical means.
  20. You are optimistic and are discovering where to Aim the energies of your Life for fulfillment and result.
  21. You are feeling increasingly Victorious and Strong, proportional to your attunement to – and expression of – Inner Self.
  22. You are feeling increasingly Blissful, proportional to your release of fear and embrace of Hope.
  23. You are giving yourself over to Intentionality; you purposefully center yourself and can intentionally focus your thoughts and visualizations.
  24. You are striving to live within a higher reality and creating your life accordingly, consciously cultivating a Divine existence.
  25. You are grateful.
  26. You are entering into successful, cooperative partnerships with others.