Moving toward Ascension

“Evolution is not a force, but a Process.”

~ John Morley

So recently, I have received several different e-mails that contemplate, in list form, the experiences one starts to enjoy when they are on an evolutionary course.  Inspired by these lists, I’ve decided to compose my own:

  1. You are starting to perceive All Things as aspects of the same ONE Thing.
  2. You are gaining Awareness of you Flesh Body as a Temple for your immortal nature.
  3. You are embracing Wisdoms that are more germane to any Time, Place, Culture, etc.
  4. You are dreaming of a Sustainable Abundance and are seeing all your needs being met.
  5. You are increasingly concerned with forethought and conscious actions.
  6. You are discovering ways to correlate your Passion and your “job”, so as to transform your employment into your true “Work”.
  7. You are losing interest in spiritual exhibitions and proclamations while feeling increasingly attuned and receptive to your Source.
  8. You are seeing ideas, experiences, and things manifest more quickly and/or specifically.
  9. You are evolving away from drama and emotional displays, even if you are simultaneously purging many negative emotions.
  10. You are allowing yourself to enjoy greater states of Happiness and to please yourself.
  11. You are increasingly feeling your whole body vibrate, especially when in a relaxed posture and feeling at ease.
  12. You are experiencing greater states of equilibrium and no longer giving much or any energy to what others think about you and your choices.
  13. You are increasingly understanding that everything just IS; “this” and “that” are simply distinctions of the same ONE Thing, like the facets of a gem.
  14. You are transforming in your desires, moving away from the longing for base expression, stimulation, and/or possession toward desire for experience within the luminous spheres.
  15. You are seeing the illusions inherent to material reality; this brings a certain “detachment” from the trials and tribulations surrounding you.  Not a removal from compassion but an increasing comprehension of Actuality.
  16. You are speaking from an increasingly authentic and truthful place.
  17. You are living from an increasingly authentic and truthful place.
  18. You are increasingly radiant, youthful, energetic, and healthy; you are allowing yourself to be rejuvenated and “New” each day.
  19. You are less concerned with the passage of Time and feel that physical distance can be “overcome” by non-physical means.
  20. You are optimistic and are discovering where to Aim the energies of your Life for fulfillment and result.
  21. You are feeling increasingly Victorious and Strong, proportional to your attunement to – and expression of – Inner Self.
  22. You are feeling increasingly Blissful, proportional to your release of fear and embrace of Hope.
  23. You are giving yourself over to Intentionality; you purposefully center yourself and can intentionally focus your thoughts and visualizations.
  24. You are striving to live within a higher reality and creating your life accordingly, consciously cultivating a Divine existence.
  25. You are grateful.
  26. You are entering into successful, cooperative partnerships with others.


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