Old habits die hard, Ya’ll!

Okay, so it’s day 4 of the fast and the hunger has really subsided! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am so grateful. My energy was really up last night. Like I could do anything, slay dragons, run a marathon, post a blog! So, with all that energy running through me, I didn’t get much sleep.  As a side note, my connection with others is increasing as evidenced, by Xia’s morning email telling me of her not getting much sleep last night. I think we are entering each other’s energy fields and chasing dragonflies through the wildflowers! What, you don’t have flowers growing in your energy field? Sheesh! 

Anywhoo, at 1:30pm, I started to feel really sleepy. At the same time, I had the overwhelming impression that a friend, we’ll call him J, had a message for me. J is not one for using phones, so I asked him to relay to a friend who is “sensitive” to messages, but the feeling was to just go to sleep. *I think we need a side bar here. In my reality, when we go to sleep, we enter the astral realm. Here, we can do whatever we like, talk to whomever we like and go wherever we like. Now, I Know that J will often visit me in the astral and, sometimes, I’m asked to take a nap. So nap I did, at 1:33 and was awakened an hour later by the phone. Unfortunately, that causes me to awake with such a start, that I am unable to recall what occured on the other side of my eyelids! Ugh! So, whatever the message was, will have to wait. Hopefully it wasn’t, “Get Home Dorothy, there is a tornado coming!” Of course, there is no place like Home…hmmm.

Right! So the title of this blog concerns old habits. As I laid in my warm bed, contemplating lost messages and loud phones, I thought I might get up and get a bite to eat. I know! I haven’t had a bite in 4 days and it was just the most casual thought! Sneaky one, body, but I’m on to you. The constant gnawing at my backbone didn’t break me, so you thought you would catch me when I was disoriented and slide in thru the back alley. I see you!

Well, the point is, that got me all introspective. If, after 4 days of being hyper aware of food, I could just casually walk into the kitchen to eat, what else is on autopilot. I mean, every day requires some of the same basic activities. Toothbrushing, bathing, eating, walking, talking, the list goes on. How often do we say, “I could do that in my sleep?” Are we doing that in our sleep? Are we like Zombies shuffling through life with glazed eyes, heading for the glazed donuts?

I believe it’s time to wake up! This moment is the really loud phone in your room. Where have you gotten to with your shuffling? Where could you be now if the steps had been deliberate? It doesn’t matter. You know why? Because you just woke up and we are here now, together. Isn’t that great! Every step from now forward we can take together. We are conscious of each other and there are more of us every day.  Alarms are going off everywhere, all over the planet! We are walking with them, too. Isn’t this exciting!

Where do you want to go? Oh, I understand. You just woke up, you need a minute to think about it. That’s cool. Just don’t take to long, we want you with us and we are full of energy and excitement about hittin’ the road. Oh, and by the way, you might want to brush that bit of glaze off the corner of your mouth. I’m just sayin’. It was starting to make me drool a bit and I just got that dragon called hunger to climb back into his cave. Anyway, I’m glad you are here and I love you!