About Me


WHO:  I am Xia Neifion~Clark, or to some, Soror XNC.   Please call me Xia (pronounced ZYE-uh).   I dream of a diverse, global culture that arises brazenly and intentionally, in Service to the inherent Oneness of Life.

WHAT (is this about):  This isn’t my only blog, but it is my personal blog, where I talk about my life and personal interests.  I am not just a dreamer, I’m also a crazy do-er.  Meaning I tend to take things to the next level, think big and have a certain panache for the cutting edge.  I have many passions, which can be summarized by the theme of cultivating ideals.  My ideals pertain to unfolding and following the (inner) path of Ascent.  Because of this, I contemplate everything in my Life in the terms of becoming more Aware.  For me, this translates as entrance into intentional union with self, others, and the greater web of Life.

I created this blog to specifically put forth  my pursuit of an intentional lifestyle and share  my personal  interests.  I cook .  I  successfully home school (I can say successfully because my oldest two are 4.0 college students).  I strive toward sustainability and Ascension at the same time.   I read and research voraciously and try hard to stay dynamic, learn and grow.  I have lived in various forms of Intentional Community throughout my life and now my life’s work for an emergent New Culture is taking me there again.

WHERE:  I live in the Northeast Corner of Washington State on a 20-acre homestead  and am madly in love with the Pacific Northwest.  However my familiar territory is in the High Deserts of Northern Arizona, which also lives deep within my Heart.

WHY:  This blog is a repository for my endeavors toward becoming change; and connecting with others who are passionate for the same.

4 thoughts on “About Me

    • Kate ~ Thank you! I’m happy you stopped by and are finding information you can use!! I’m loving your blog and can’t wait to try your black bean brownies! Much gratitude for the link, I’ve added you to my favorites!

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