Spiritual Sustainability: Save the Earth Without Killing Yourself

I found this thought-provoking article posted to a sustainable communities forum under the title Something to Think About: A Death-Blow to My Sustainable Living Ideal.  Having my own sustainable living ideals, it grabbed my attention; I wondered what a death-blow might represent.

It turns out that in this case the death-blow is a loss of two-thirds the author’s income.  As Amanda Rooker contemplates the discrepancy between her good intentions and the reality she’s faced with, a powerful transformation unfolds – her belief of being too poor and too busy to live sustainably is replaced by the realization that it was, in actuality, her “product-based, practice-based ideal of sustainable living that was not sustainable.”  This leads her to some intriguing revelations about what sustainability truly implies.  In the end, Amanda comes to see sustainability as a spiritual practice and process in parallel to the natural world –

Even if the body is deficient in many areas, it will only take in what will address the primary deficiency.  Pouring supplements into your body (or in this case adding sustainable practices) to address visible symptoms, is a waste of time, money  and energy.  Only when the core deficiency is met will the body be capable of absorbing what it needs to address the next core need.”

Very refreshing!

Fasting – the Fifth Day

Day 5 of our collective fast for Conscious Union and energies are running high!  We are really enjoying the connective, spiritual and revealing experiences we’d hoped for… Not to mention the detoxing of our bodies and the deep sense of rejuvenation that’s starting to course its way through our bones.

Last night I slept for less than a handful of hours and accomplished many things, even returning to a project that’s sat on my computer in suspended animation for at least three years!  Some of that has to do with Mercury in Retrograde, I’m sure, but none-the-less, I am feeling quite grateful that we decided to fast, the small group of us, together as I would call this five days past – phenomenal!

I am also grateful that Soror Amy has decided to introduce herself and share her experiences with our mutual fasting through the previous two posts!  I have welcomed her to contribute here in accord with her Will.

Meanwhile I want to jump back into Cultivating Heaven with this video I found.  I appreciate it because it is among the rare few I’ve seen that perceives fasting beyond a dogmatic and/or ascetic context, instead sharing the concept of fasting as a cleansing, clarifying, and conscious elevating experience!  Enjoy!