Neo-Nomad: A Roving Carbon Footprint Made Green

I have another collection of links for you.  Tonight I have been reminiscing.  Once upon a time I lived, for too short a time, like a nomad, with an “intentional tribe” of others.  We didn’t blog back then, so it was like an epiphany for me today when I realized I could find others sharing similar experiences in the blogosphere and reconnect with some of those ideas.   I browsed, spurred by my memories, but soon realized that I was also learning and feeling truly inspired.  I really want to share that feeling.  My personal intention isn’t to return to a nomadic lifestyle, but it is to develop a more profound simplicity (what I call simplicity that has passed through complexity and been consciously refined through experience and lessons learned).  Thus I feel there’s a lot to gain below if your goals include living more lightly on the earth, with less attachment to possessions:

The Live Lightly Tour



We Stay Gone

Cage Free Family

Enchanted Gypsy ~ Travel Diaries

Building Luna

Voluntary Simplicity

We Choose This

Happy Janssens

Family on Bikes

Among the Oaks

The Pink Bus People

Resources and Ideas:

Journey to Forever

Nomads United

Living Routes

Global Freeloader Links

Savvy Traveler

Traveller Vehicles

Barter Fair

Work for RVers

School Bus Conversion

How-to Convert a Bus Store

House Trucks

Families on the Road

Eco RVing

Go Earth

Biodiesel Now

Hemp Car

Veggie Van

AM Solar for RVers

The BioTour