H2O2 and Oral Therapy – the First Day


Two weeks ago I would not have necessarily known that H2O2 was another name for Hydrogen Peroxide, and I had never heard of H2O2 Therapy in any of its guises.

Then a friend let me in on the trick behind her noticeable green thumb (really, her garden is easily triple anything around).  She explained that each plant receives a certain periodic dosage of Food Grade H2O2 in its watering schedule and went on to extol the many (and seemingly quite visible) benefits.  I had never heard of doing this, but delivering more oxygen to the plant’s roots (which is what it does) both sounds like a good idea and looks rather effective.

My interest was piqued.  Especially by her suggestion that the clear benefit of providing additional oxygen to the plant is replicated in Humans.  In fact, as I’ve since discovered, most medicinal plants, nutritional supplements and new “miracle” programs (such as the Alkaline Diet) work by increasing oxygen intake and/or supply in our body in some regard.

I found a dozen books at the library, and then researched everything I read on-line.  Even the rather disappointing Snopes article that merely suggests it’s common sense to stay away from it, citing only a case or two of poor judgment.

What started as an interest in developing my own green thumb became an interest in the potential of H2O2 for personal use.  Especially when I read that farmers use H2O2 in their animal’s water supply to decrease the need for antibiotics.  Shouldn’t that be a clue to its potential?  Yet the FDA says H2O2 isn’t fit for Human consumption.  How can this be?  Of course this is the same FDA who wouldn’t approve ammonia-washed meat products for animal food, only to turn around and rule that the same was fit for Humans instead.  Not to promote conspiracy theories, but I don’t believe they have our best interests at heart.

Especially when you take into account that many European cities treat their municipal water supplies using H2O2.  Some since 1901!  The water-on-tap is said to be revitalizing and invigorating.  This, while America treats most of its supply with known carcinogens like Chlorine and Fluoride!

What is H2O2 in the first place?  As I said at the beginning, it is more commonly recognized under the name Hydrogen Peroxide.  More accurately, Hydrogen Dioxide.  In essence, water with an extra oxygen atom attached!

Perhaps because it has been in commercial production since 1890, most people I talk to don’t seem to realize that Hydrogen Peroxide is a naturally occurring compound found in all oceans, lakes, rivers, rain, snow and in all life forms.  It is in all fresh fruits and vegetables we consume, especially concentrated in those grown in the open air.  It is a natural disinfectant.  The Human body creates and uses H2O2 as a free radical to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.  White blood cells make hydrogen peroxide to oxidize all infections and invaders.  Vitamin C helps us to stave off infections by producing hydrogen peroxide.  The colon, bladder and vagina all produce hydrogen peroxide to stay aerobic and healthy.

When used chemically, H2O2 is up to 5000 times more effective than Chlorine as a sanitizer and antiseptic.  It is used to pasteurize milk in most countries.  It is said to be the “miracle” in the healing waters of Lourdes, France, given the high natural concentration in the spring…

Ok.  So you get my drift.  No surprise, given all of the above, that H2O2 therapy is wide spread.  Especially in Germany, where apparently there are IV therapy stations one can go to wipe out the on-set of ailments.  It is important to know that most strains of harmful bacteria and viruses, all internal fungi and parasites, and cancer cells – all of which are anaerobic – cannot survive in the presence of oxygen, and thus IV therapy using H2O2 shows astounding results across hundreds of thousands of test cases, across several decades, in Europe.

While I would love to participate in the IV therapy, that option isn’t readily available to me at this time, so I decided on the next best option – oral therapy.

I have had chronic asthma since I was 13 (over 20 years), and have a blood disorder similar to Sickle Cell Anemia that, without a spleen, leaves me with a serious immune impairment.  The asthma, I am told, is directly related to the inability of my misshapen blood cells to circulate appropriately through my smaller capillaries.  It stands to reason that increasing the oxygen supply to my body would be a good thing.

After my research I decided to order 17.5% Food Grade H2O2.  Most oral therapy programs call for starting with a 35% solution – but it is considered hazardous to transport, comes with additional fees, and ends up diluted for the therapy anyway!

At this point I am only 24 hours into it, so I will be reporting back on this topic.

I started with 6 drops in 8oz of water, taken three times through the day and at least 1 hour ahead of meals.  I will increase this until I am taking 50 drops per 8oz, if I can manage that.  Even with the mere 6 drops I highly dislike the feeling of the water, so right now that seems like quite a bit!

I had no expectation of immediate results.  In fact, everything I read suggested that there would be a period of crisis in the body as the unhealthy organisms were sloughed away due to the presence of oxygen.  However, both my DH and myself could feel it instantly!  Vitalized is the only word that seems to accurately describe the sensation!  Every part of my body felt suddenly very alive and awake.

But more than that – an injury to my right leg in May that left an enduring deep bruise, completely vanished after my second dose and I am breathing better than I have in 20 years!  In fact, I had no intention to sit down and write this but after such astounding results I feel like singing from the rooftops!

Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.

8 thoughts on “H2O2 and Oral Therapy – the First Day

  1. This is amazing. I am always all ears & eyes when someone I trust has found something natural like this to help them in a personal way. How amazing. Can you explain how food grade is different from what we find in the store? Looking forward to hearing more of your success!

    • Thank you! My understanding is the Hydrogen Peroxide commonly found in the grocery store is diluted to 3% from a 50% concentrate and often contains many stabilizers that aren’t healthy to consume. Food Grade H2O2 is sold in solutions up to 50% and doesn’t contain stabilizers of any sort. It is commonly used in the manufacture of cheese or to sanitize and bleach eggs. Every book I read suggested diluting from a 35% Food Grade solution – however I could not find the food grade H2O2 locally and discovered that when having it shipped, anything above a 20% solution is considered a hazard. It requires a $25 hazardous materials fee and a signature on delivery. It is also quite dangerous at that level before being diluted. Thus I went with the 17% (from Rebekah’s Pure Living). Of course, at the end of this therapy schedule I will have to count 50 drops out into my water instead of 25, but I think it’s worth the added safety and savings. Also, I should note that appropriate dilution is imperative before consuming H2O2 orally. Today my dosage increased to 8 drops per 8 oz of water and I’m still feeling absolutely amazing! I can feel it within seconds. I am also going to try it in the bath!

      • This is amazing. I am going to have to check this out more myself & see about trying that. We can all use better health! I can’t wait to catch up with you & hear more about all this.

  2. Wow! This is wonderful information and amazing news! I will also shout it from the rooftops! Perhaps you could share with us where we might purchase our own H2O2….

      • I asked Wenatchee Natural Foods on Facebook if they carry Food Grade H2o2. They replied that yes, they do. They keep it behind the counter in the fridge? We’ll see. I am going there today to get some prices.

      • That’s awesome! Do you happen to know what concentration it is in? It is important if its under 35% to make sure it is diluted without stabilizers. If it is a standard 35% solution, please use caution when handling! For comparison, I paid around $27 for a quart of 17.5%

      • ok. I got 35% … 16oz bottle for $21. Not bad I thought.Now, to read read read & read some more. They gave me a “program” to follow even & a leaflet on some more info. Pretty cool. I also got a small dropper bottle. I am so excited to learn about this. How are you feeling today?

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