Awesome Raw Eggplant!

Who says that eggplant is no good raw?!

First, pick yourself a nice firm eggplant that is, well, shaped like an egg.  That is, more bulbous than elongated and slender.  Typically the more slender and long the eggplant, the more bitter it will taste.

Now, wash it, dry it, and slice it in the manner you want to enjoy it.  Don’t peel it, as the peel will soften in the marinade and retains a large portion of the nutrients.  I prefer to cut it into bite-sized “cubes”.  However, slices are great for making sandwiches!

Next, whip up half a batch of Moroccan-Inspired Marinade.  Seal it up with your eggplant, give it a good shake to coat and refrigerate for at least an hour… longer for a stronger flavor.  Enjoy!


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